In-depth Guide To Help You Buy Backlinks!

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In-depth Guide To Help You Buy Backlinks!

In-depth Guide To Help You Buy Backlinks In 2023
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If anyone knows anything about SEO, there’s very little chance that they don’t know the immense importance of backlinks in a website’s SEO and online marketing strategies. Link building is an art, and there are multiple ways you can acquire quality backlinks for your site, and even buy backlinks, but with emphasis on ‘quality!’

Our in-depth guide focuses on everything you need to know about backlinks, how to acquire them, and, most importantly, how to buy quality backlinks! Stick around and find out where to buy backlinks and what to look for when doing so.

First things first, let’s do a recap on what backlinks actually are!

What Are Backlinks?

Link building is among the most important factors in SEO growth! So, it stands to reason why you may want to know everything there is to about backlinks. Backlinks are essentially links that take you to another website. That’s it, really. The concept behind it is straightforward, and if done the right way, backlinks offer immense brand exposure and a significant SEO boost to your site! Think about it, if your website’s link is integrated into a really famous and reputable brand’s blog post, it would allow their visitors to click on your site’s link too and visit your site. What this does is bring additional traffic to your business and, of course, provide you with more potential leads!

Safe relevant backlinks not only allow the public to trust your brand but also allow search engines to deem your site as a credible source to place high in SERPs. This is what we meant by quality backlinks improving your SEO rankings. In simpler words, you can think of quality backlinks as a sort of digital thumbs-up that validates your site’s credibility.

So, it seems like backlinks are pretty important, aren’t they? Let’s sum up the importance of backlinks to your site!

Importance Of Backlinks!

Backlinks serve as one of the most important factors in boosting your SEO rankings, as well as your business’s exposure!
Following are just a few of the benefits you can experience from backlinks:

  • Improved SERP rankings
  • Amplified brand exposure
  • Enhanced brand credibility
  • Healthy, sustainable relationships in the community
  • More leads!

So, now that you’ve gotten the basic idea about backlinks, as well as their importance, let’s look into how to get high quality backlinks for your site!

How To Acquire & Buy Backlinks!

In general, you can classify acquiring backlinks into two main categories; organic link building and buying backlinks for your site. Let’s start with the first one.

How To Organically Build Backlinks

As the name suggests, acquiring backlinks organically means that rather than paying for backlinks, you’re creating backlinks for your site in a natural way. What we mean by organic link building is that you manually reach out to reputable, high-traffic, and quality sites to request them to build a backlink with your site. Your business pitch can be focused on any of your unique selling points; maybe you can offer them exceptional content in the form of guest posting or offer them infographics, or anything that would tempt them to publish your link on their site.

Organic link building is the most rewarding and safest way to acquire backlinks for business growth, as well as in the eyes of search engines. But there’s a chance that your brand might not have the reputation or the right connections in your niche community to pull this off. So, you have two ways to go about this. You can either hire experienced professionals like our link building agency, OutreachGirls, or purchase backlinks. Speaking of which, let’s see how we can boost your SEO by paying for links!

How To Buy Backlinks

Moving on to our second link building method, purchasing backlinks is the process of reaching out to brands or even third-party sites that are willing to sell you backlinks to their site! Of course, there’s a lot to look into when purchasing backlinks from a site, but that’s technically the entire process.
There’s no business pitch, no strategic approach to it or anything like that. You simply reach out to sites that you already know sell backlinks to other websites, and you just pay them to build links with their site. You can even use third-party platforms to buy backlinks, like Collaborator.
If you’re concerned about the legality of this method. Well, let’s look into that.

Is It Legal To Purchase Backlinks?

The common answer you’ll hear is no. Google does not like it when you purchase backlinks in order to manipulate rankings. But it’s not so black and white. Google encourages quality link building, as well as quality content. What this means is that if you take precautions and go about this delicately, you can buy backlinks without violating Google’s Webmaster guidelines.
If you take a look at the Link Spam section of Google’s Spam Policies, you can see that it clearly states that exchanging money for links is considered link spam by Google. But the thing is, link building is completely dependent on the quality of backlinks. Google loves quality links, and if the backlink you’re aiming to purchase is a credible link that has been backlinked by several other high-authority sites, you’re good! We have come up with a guideline for you on how to buy high quality backlinks. Stick to it!

Best Practices To Buy Backlinks!

In order to safely purchase links and find the most appropriate place to buy backlinks for SEO, you need to stick to a few important points. Let’s look into them:

1. Do your diligence, no matter what!

Take your time, and thoroughly vet your prospects in every way you can. First of all, ensure that your prospect matches your business’s niche. Secondly, you have to be sure that this specific link placement will benefit you. So, reputation, credibility, customer reach, and link sustainability all come into play here, and you absolutely have to keep these factors into consideration when looking for the right sites.

2. Focus on quality, not quantity.

Don’t ever purchase links in bulk, hoping that the number of links would somehow make up for their subpar quality. Ensure that all your links are of the highest quality, even if the quantity of your links isn’t as much as you’d like them to be.

3. Check the scores and the ratings of your prospects.

Utilise SEO tools that are readily available on the market to test the authority scores, domain rating, referral domains, index rating, and any other metrics that define the credibility and authority of your prospects in some way or another. Another thing you need to check out is the traffic of your selected site. The traffic figures have to be consistent, meaning that sudden spikes are not a good sign. It usually means that your selected website is using black hat SEO techniques to boost its figures.

4. Ensure a natural placement.

A common thing that gets overlooked, is the actual placement of your link when purchasing backlinks. You have to make sure that all the content surrounding your link is high quality, engaging and provides an appropriate amount of context to your link!

5. Keep monitoring your backlink profile!

This is something you can’t forget about! Keep your backlink profile under monitoring to look for any links that have become low quality and need to be removed. This step ensures that your link building is sustainable and that your site is operating at maximal efficiency! There are various tools available on the market that allow you to do that.


This in-depth guide on how to buy backlinks aims to provide you with all the information you need to buy safe relevant backlinks for your site. We have done our best to guide you on where to buy backlinks and an in-depth guideline on how to get good quality backlinks!

Why OutreachGirls?

If you want a team of experienced link building professionals to create a healthy backlink profile for your site that is purely aimed at exceptional business growth and improving your SEO rankings, contact our link building agency! OutreachGirls has over 12 years of experience providing high-quality SEO links to businesses of all niches. Contact our team and get your brand the exposure it deserves!


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