Blogger Outreach Strategy in 2024 – How to do it?

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Blogger Outreach Strategy in 2024 – How to do it?

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Blogger outreach is among the most important and initial steps of link building for SEO. A successful blogger outreach program is what defines the success or failure of your link-building strategy, so it stands to reason why blogger outreach is so important. Before we answer the question, what is blogger outreach? You might want to remind yourself about the importance of link building and why a strong backlink profile is necessary for business growth! Let’s get started.

Why Exactly Do Backlinks Matter?

Before we get into ‘how to do blogger outreach,’ we wanted to recap the importance of backlinks. As you might recall, link-building is the process of reaching out to reputable, credible, and high-ranking brands and linking to their site in various link-building techniques. Which may include guest posting, niche edits, or any SEO link-building strategies you might find suitable.

Building these backlinks is crucial to brand exposure, high SEO rankings, and most importantly, business expansion. Google loves quality links, and that’s why it’s one of the major ranking factors for search engines. Thus, backlinks are incredibly important, and you have to ensure that your site’s links are built with the right people! So, how exactly do you go about doing that? Blogger outreach! This blogger outreach guide aims to provide you with the necessary information to create an effective blogger outreach strategy in 2023. Without wasting any time, let’s get into it.

What Is Blogger Outreach?

Blogger outreach, as the name suggests, is the process of reaching out to reputable bloggers to include your site’s link in their website. 

Blogger outreach is an art, some people are good at it, and that’s how they score quality backlinks with incredibly famous and trusted blog sites and brands. But a lot of businesses implement blogger outreach programs that are just considered spam and get ignored by high-ranking websites. That is exactly what we are here to prevent you from doing! Our detailed guide is aimed at building the best blogger outreach strategy that is perfectly suited to your business! 

First, let’s see what makes an effective blogger outreach strategy such a critical stage of a white hat link-building process. 

Why Is Blogger Outreach Important?

Now that you have an idea about what blogger outreach is, you might be asking yourself, is it really that important? 

A successful blogger outreach program allows you to:

  • Boost your brand’s online visibility by partnering with high-traffic blogs
  • Build sustainable relationships in your niche community
  • Create awesome backlinks!
  • Enhance your brand’s trust and credibility
  • Expand into different markets!
  • The list can go on forever, but we need to stay on point! So, in summary, blogger outreach is an important step of your brand’s marketing strategy, which also provides immense benefits!

    Now that you have a proper understanding of blogger outreach and why it’s so important, you are ready to get the answer to your question.

    How To Do Blogger Outreach?

    The blogger outreach process is a straightforward one; there are a couple of steps you need to follow in order to create a blogger outreach strategy for your business. Let’s get started.

    Understanding Your Niche!

    Even though this might sound like a pretty basic step, it matters a lot! Most businesses struggle to build links because they fail to understand the exact niche they fall in. There are thousands of different types of categories and niches a business can fall under; you have to ensure that you are counting your business in the right one! If you’re looking in the wrong business community, you’ll never be able to create a blogger outreach strategy that works. Pay attention to this step and understand your business’s niche, so we can move to the next step!

    Reaching Out To The Right Prospects

    There are two general approaches you can take to picking potential prospects for blogger outreach. One of them is a targeted and precise method, and the other one is a ‘loose canon’ approach. Let’s get into some details.

    Approach #1

    So the first approach is to be precise and take a personalised approach to select and reach out to the right prospects that suit your business’s niche. You’ve paid attention to picking these prospects and vetting them properly. You reach out to these prospects in a personalised manner detailing how exactly this partnership will be beneficial to both parties. Your email consists of your unique selling point, and you’re concise and friendly. 

    We at OutreachGirls, have over 12 years of experience in creating exceptional blogger outreach strategies that are targeted to your business’s exact niche and guarantee real results! Our experts are proficient in using blogger outreach best practices to create successful blogger outreach programs for businesses of all kinds. Get in touch with us to order the best blogger outreach services for your brand!

    Businesses hate when they receive generic emails that feel like spam, and it just makes a bad impression of your brand in the community. Speaking of which, let’s see what the other approach is.

    Approach #2

    The second approach is completely opposite to what we saw above. In this type of outreach approach, you just point to random brands and shoot your shot! Without focusing on a personalised business partnership proposal, you create a generic email that you send to any blog site that catches your eye. This type of approach in picking prospects can backfire on your business, and your emails might be reported as spam. So, this isn’t something we’d ever recommend to you, nor do we take shortcuts like these.

    At this point, you might have a pretty good understanding of the whole blogger outreach process. We’ve taught you what blogger outreach is, its importance, and how to do blogger outreach. But you might be wondering, what exactly do I offer these famous blogs in exchange for my brand’s link placement?

    How To Create A Successful Pitch?

    There are different ways you can go about creating a blogger outreach pitch for your selected prospects. Let’s take an in-depth look at a few of them.

    Offer To Write Guest Posts

    Every website needs amazing content; that’s where you can come in. Reach out to your selected prospects and pitch them your amazing content! This technique is also called guest blogger outreach. Make sure that you include a really good sample of your writing. Also, ensure that the content you deliver to these reputable blog sites is engaging and is guaranteed to attract customers back to your site. If readers aren’t tempted to click on your site’s link in the article, your guest post won’t work. 

    Wondering where to get world-class guest posts? OutreachGirls offers engaging content in over 50 languages and for 100+ countries! We offer the best international link building services! Order now, and let us take care of building your brand’s credibility.

    But guest posting is not the only way to pitch these blog sites.

    Pitch Niche Edit Link Placements!

    Suppose your selected prospect doesn’t need more content; well, in that case, you can offer niche edits. Niche edits allow your site’s link to be placed in reputable articles that are already attracting traffic and indexed by Google. You can reach out to blog sites and offer them something in exchange for your site’s link placement in their articles.

    If you want experienced professionals to handle your niche edit link placements, OutreachGirls is the right choice for you! Our niche edit services are the best in the business!

    Your blogger outreach strategy has to be based on something that your brand can do better than anyone else! This is how sustainable relationships in the community are built. So, be creative and hone in on your unique selling points.

    Let’s move to the final stage of our blogger outreach process!


    Utilise blogger outreach tools to ensure that your strategy is working! There are various industry-standard tools available on the market that you can use. Google Analytics is a very effective and widely used tool that can help track the traffic you’re gaining from the backlinks built with your new blogger outreach strategy. Thus, allowing you to keep a check on all your efforts!

    To Sum It Up …

    Building quality backlinks is the lifeblood of your business’s growth. Blogger outreach is among the major steps of link-building that allows you to score high-quality links from reputable, high-traffic, and credible blog sites. We have done our best to provide you with a complete guide on how to reach out to bloggers, as well as blogger outreach best practices!

    Happy Outreaching!


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