Top 5 Multilingual Link Building Tips!

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Top 5 Multilingual Link Building Tips!

Top 5 Multilingual Link Building Tips
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If you run an international business, you are bound to have a language barrier problem when pushing an international marketing strategy. The right audience for your brand’s products & services might speak a totally different language, which, of course, poses an issue regarding customer engagement. Think about it, how will your customers trust your business if you’re not even speaking their language and partnering with their trusted brands? International businesses don’t just need to build links; they need to create backlinks on a global level. So, what options do you have? Multilingual link building!

Multilingual link building is a blessing for businesses that operate on a global scale. In case you aren’t familiar with this phenomenal SEO link building technique, this guide is exactly what you need! Our guide will tell you everything you need to know about multilingual link building and provide you with the best multilingual link building tips that ensure amplified brand visibility! Let’s get started.

What Exactly Is Multilingual Link Building?

Multilingual link building is a lot like ordinary link building, the difference is that it is specifically done for international expansion, and the content used in the process is translated into appropriate languages. The rest of the process is pretty much the same as link building. Multilingual link building is, of course, a tad bit more complicated than ordinary link building; this is because you have to seriously take a few extra things into consideration, as well as have multilingual writers!

Seems like a lot of trouble; why exactly does it matter again?

Importance Of Multilingual Link Building

There are several benefits of multilingual link building; in fact, if your business has an international clientele, it is necessary for your business to grow. Multilingual link building allows audiences from all over the world to trust your site and, thus, improves your sales. If your website only has backlinks in, say, America, it would be tough for your German clientele to trust your site or even see it in the first place. That is why multilingual link building is a very important aspect of international growth.

Multilingual link building also helps improve SEO rankings! Building backlinks with quality, reputable and high-authority international sites allow search engines to trust your site and place it higher in SERPs.

To sum up the advantages of multilingual link building:

  • Influence international audiences!
  • Boost your SEO rankings by building backlinks with globally trusted sites.
  • Global growth
  • Generate more leads!

Now that you have an understanding of multilingual link building and its importance, you are ready to move on to our top 5 multilingual link building tips!

Top Tips!

Let’s get started on our first multilingual link building tip.

1. Find & Use The Right Keywords

This is among the major differences between ordinary link building and multilingual link building. You have to broaden your vision and think globally when picking and using keywords in your content. These keywords should be ready to hit the international market, not a small region or anything like that.

You have to completely redesign your content strategies in order to integrate these keywords as well. But this is an extremely important step in building multilingual links. Your international won’t be able to connect or even find you if you don’t integrate the right keywords. Search engines have to be able to find your site when a specific local search query is run in another part of the world. Thus, using the right keywords is the first and one of the most important tips we have for multilingual link building!

2. Native Content Writing

Speaking of rethinking your content strategy, you need experienced native content writers for multilingual link building. Actually, it’s one of the most important aspects of the whole process. You need to be able to provide content that engages with international audiences in their language! Your audience simply won’t connect with your guest posts or any content that has your name on it if your content isn’t written in their language with native-level proficiency.

So, invest in exceptional native content writers or hire our team of experienced professionals that deliver engaging content in over 50 languages for 100+ countries! We at OutreachGirls, offer the best multilingual guest posting services that help brands like yours experience exceptional growth! Get in touch with us to hire our international in-house content writers.

3. Be Culturally Sensitive!

Crossing international borders mean that you have to understand and be considerate of the cultures, trends, and anything that matters to your target audience. Your content should include culturally appropriate idioms, examples, etc., to ensure that your brand’s reputation is protected. Make sure that you are up to speed on ongoing issues as well to avoid any sensitive topics.

4. Ensure Quality, Not Quantity

Even though this is something you might’ve always come across in link building guides, quality still matters the world in any type of link building, whether it’s local or global! Ensure that you only pick high-quality sites that have consistent traffic figures, decent SEO rankings, high authority scores, and the lot. Use industry-standard tools to vet these sites, and only if they pass your quality checks should you attempt to build backlinks to these sites.

5. Utilise Directories!

One of the quickest methods that you can use to go about multilingual link building is getting your business listed in directories for different languages. Ensure that your NAP citations are correct and include an optimised description of your business that attracts users. It also helps that this is the cheapest method of multilingual link building.

If you’re looking to get your business listed in directories, we offer exceptional local citation services to businesses of all niches. OutreachGirls has years of experience in building citations for businesses like yours!

So, this was the OutreachGirls guide to multilingual link building. Our goal was to provide you with everything there is to know about multilingual building, its advantages, importance and the top 5 multilingual link building tips!

We have over 12 years of experience in helping businesses grow internationally. OutreachGirls offers the #1 multilingual link building service to brands all over the world! Get in touch with our experts to order the best multilingual link building service for your business.


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