The Importance of Tiered Link-Building In 2023!

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The Importance of Tiered Link-Building In 2023!

The Importance of Tiered Link-Building In 202
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The Importance of Tiered Link-Building In 2023!

Link-building for SEO is a complex and vast field. There are a bunch of different aspects that you need to possess deep knowledge about, and resultantly, there are a ton of different opportunities as well! Among these link-building tactics is tiered link-building, and in case you’re unfamiliar with how it works, this article is for you!

Let’s start with the basics.

What Is Tiered Link-Building?

Simply put, tiered link-building is about creating links for your links! Why? Well, what’s the main goal of creating high-traffic backlinks in the first place? To amplify the amount of link juice passed through your site’s backlink profile. Building backlinks for your backlinks increases those odds.

To differentiate the various links in the structure of tiered link-building, there are three main classifications of these links; tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3. Let’s discuss each of these tiers and see how they work.

Tier 1 Backlinks

Tier 1 backlinks are considered your website’s primary backlinks. These backlinks connect directly to your website – no middleman! Tier 1 links can be obtained in any number of link-building tactics, from editorial backlinks to niche edits, dealer’s choice! You just need to ensure that these are some pretty high-quality links and that the sources are nothing less than completely trusted and credible. For instance, scoring a backlink from a highly reputable website like is the perfect tier 1 backlink!

So, sounds pretty normal, doesn’t it? Let’s take a look at second-tier links.

Tier 2 Backlinks

Moving forward to tier 2 links, this is where you start to see the difference. Tier 2 backlinks do not have to be as high-quality as tier 1 backlinks, so you can get away with almost anything as long as it isn’t spam. The only requirement tier 2 backlinks really have is that they need to provide some sort of context to your tier 1 backlinks. An example of tier 2 backlinks can be links from online directories or even PR links.

And that’s all there is to second-tier links. Let’s move on to the next one.

Tier 3 Backlinks

At this point, there aren’t any rules you need to adhere to; any sort of backlinks would do, they can even be autogenerated links, and you can still use them as tier 3 backlinks. You just need to keep one thing into consideration, don’t link your tier 3 backlinks to your tier 1, i.e. primary backlinks; link them just with your second-tier links. An example of tier 3 backlinks can be social media profile links of your business or even forum links.

So, these were the various types of tiers that are involved in tiered link-building.

Now that we’ve gone over the various tiers of link-building, you may be wondering about what benefits tiered link-building provides. Let’s take a look.

Importance Of Tiered Link-building

To recap, tiered link-building is the process of building multiple layers of backlinks, with each layer pointing to the previous one and ultimately to the website. The primary objective of this link-building tactic is to increase the authority and relevance of the website, thus improving its ranking in SERPs. Here are some benefits your site can get using tiered link-building:

1- A Diversified Backlink Profile

One of the significant benefits of tiered link-building is that it diversifies the backlink profile of your website. The links come from different sources and domains, which reduces the risk of penalties from search engines. It also makes the backlink profile look more natural and organic, which is crucial for avoiding the suspicion of search engines.

2- Link Juice!

Another benefit of tiered link-building is that it enables you to control the flow of link juice. As we’re aware, link juice is the value that a backlink passes to your website, such as authority and relevance. By creating multiple tiers of backlinks, you can distribute the link juice more evenly and avoid overloading your site with too much link juice. This approach helps to prevent your site from appearing spammy, which is needed for the long-term success of your SEO strategy.

3- Structured Link-Building!

Moreover, tiered link-building helps to create a strong and sustainable link structure. By building multiple layers of backlinks, you can ensure that your website’s link structure is organised and stable. This approach provides a solid foundation for future link-building, which can help to further improve your website’s ranking on SERPs.

So, as you can see, tiered link-building still has some benefits to it in 2023, even after taking hefty hits due to Google’s updates in its search engine algorithm.

Link-building is a hassle to deal with, especially when you don’t have a team of in-house SEO experts working around the clock on looking for rewarding link-building opportunities. This is why most businesses go with a link-building agency so they can pay attention to other aspects of their business, while SEO professionals like us can focus on building high-quality backlinks for their sites. We have over 12 years of link-building expertise in all kinds of niches! Get in touch with us now and hire experienced SEO professionals to build quality links for you!


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